Examples of how to use neqto:


Factory equipment

Vibrations are monitored in order to prevent opportunity losses caused by suspension of equipment.

In order to achieve stable operation of factory equipment that is operating, it is critical to not overlook the signs of equipment abnormalities. Monitoring vibrations makes it possible to immediately discover when the state of equipment is no longer normal, thereby making it possible to promptly handle the problem and quickly implement countermeasures.

Sensors used

  • Vibration sensors
  • When vibrations higher than anticipated have been detected
  • Examples: Factory equipment, robots

Various machines inside a factory

Manage the operating times during which machines are actually used

With regard to the machines that operate in various types of factories, ascertaining if the machines are operating efficiently as the number of machines increases and ascertaining the appropriate number of machines are both necessary for cost management. Visualizing the actual status of use by managing operation times makes it possible to efficiently manage machines with a more appropriate number of machines.

Sensors used

  • Acceleration sensors
  • Hourly, daily, weekly
  • Examples: Forklift, vehicles

Construction machinery

Manage the processes and cost by acquiring the operation status of construction machinery

Managing the operation status of construction machinery often used at construction sites makes it possible to appropriately manage processes and operations. Eliminating areas in which there are too many or not enough construction machines allows you to more efficiently allocate machinery.

Sensors used

  • Pressure sensors
  • Hourly or when a threshold has been exceeded
  • Examples: Crane devices, heavy machinery


Achieve secure sanitation management by acquiring the appropriate temperature and humidity in real time

Managing temperature and humidity is important for companies and businesses that handle food products. Not only can you visually check products at fixed intervals, but you can achieve secure sanitation management by performing management in real time, immediately discovering when products have changed to an unexpected state and then provide countermeasures.

Sensors used

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Every 15 minutes or when a threshold has been exceeded
  • Examples: Refrigerators, kitchen equipment

Polyethylene tanks

Perform replenishment and replacement at the appropriate times by constantly monitoring the remaining quantities in the tanks

Appropriate replenishment and replacement are essential for continuous operation without suspending business. Monitoring the remaining quantities and issuing notifications before the quantities run out, in order to achieve smooth operation, allows you to perform planned replenishment and replacement.

Sensors used

  • Float sensors
  • Capacitive water level sensors
  • Every 60 minutes or when a threshold has been exceeded
  • Examples: Water polyethylene tanks, chemical cleaning solution tanks

Measuring instruments/ticket machines

Detect abnormal voltages and current in order to prevent opportunity losses caused by suspension of equipment

By monitoring the current and voltage, you can quickly discover unanticipated cases of excessive current or excessive voltage. Therefore, you can prevent unexpected losses by providing countermeasures without suspending the equipment.

Sensors used

  • Current sensors
  • Voltage sensors
  • When a threshold has been exceeded
  • Examples: Smart meters, vending machines


Monitor CO2 concentrations inside the plastic greenhouses to achieve a stable growing environment

Maintaining and managing a stable growing environment is critical for persons engaged in agricultural work. By obtaining values and immediately receiving notifications when values are outside the management range, you will be able to immediately implement countermeasures and maintain the appropriate environment.

Sensors used

  • CO2sensors
  • Every 15 minutes or when a threshold has been exceeded
  • Examples:Plastic greenhouses, food plants


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