ntroduce FAQ about implementing neqto


What kind of service is "neqto"?

It is a service that includes the functions needed for IoT systems and consists of sensors, communication equipment with communication functions, and a web management system (cloud service).

What is the mechanism of network security?

Communication is done through MQTTS / HTTPS and it is all encrypted, we generally think that it is a secure communication method.

I want to send data to the company's privately owned AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment. Is it possible?

Through API access you can. We provide API specifications to assist with that.


How can I inquire about the service?

For customers with any questions about the implementation, estimate, requesting documents, please contact us from the consultation form.
neqto staff will contact you within weekday business hours.For technical questions and account / billing inquiries, please contact the support center via the "Support" button on the management console.

What is the response time and business hours for support?

neqto Customers who need technical support can request from inquiry form. Normally we will perform support work during usual business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Questions by email are of course accepted 24 hours a day.
In addition, depending on the support plan of each custome, we can offer 24 hour support.


What sensors can neqto support?

In terms of standard sensors, we support acceleration sensor and temperature / humidity sensor. Additionally we provide support for various sensors which are on the market.
Please inquire or confirm with the corresponding sensor list about sensors you are considering to use with neqto.


Is implementation easy?

You just need to install the equipment set you recieve.
If there are specific questions in advance about the installation, such as mounting surfaces and other purposes, more appropriate advice will be provided.. Otherwise, just register it from the web console and just connect to the internet.

Is there any environment to implement neqto?

Yes, there is. Please contact us regarding consultation on implementation from web inquiry form.

I don't know what kind of sensor to use.

There are check items such as the characteristics and installation conditions of the equipment and things subject to sensing.
If you have any inquiries, we will ask your considerations and will make an optimal proposal.


How much does it cost?

There is a basic monthly fee (fixed), a cloud usage fee (monthly amount as per usage), and a mobile communication cost (monthly amount as per usage).
When using own Wifi/wireless/LAN connection, mobile communication fee will not occur.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, it corresponds to payment method by invoice.