neqto: Cloud

Full-scale, enterprise-level IoT deployments can span the world over, with individual deployments totalling in the thousands. Managing multiple devices in different locations often requires complicated in-house development, system integration, and the use of multiple-tools.

With neqto: Cloud and the neqto: Engine’s unique combination, you can easily manage and operate large quantities of devices anytime, anywhere.

Key Features


neqto: Cloud REST API and neqto: Cloud Console put all your deployed IoT devices at your fingertips so that you can control devices whenever, wherever, and in any quantity. Easily reboot devices, reload scripts, send custom commands, and more. Custom commands can also be used to control physical hardware connected to a device, such as turning on lights or starting a pump.


neqto: Cloud is a fully-managed service that makes managing IoT deployments at any scale easy. Time-consuming onboarding processes, such as managing security certificates and encryption keys for devices/cloud, are handled automatically.

neqto: Engine nodes (devices) can be put into Groups, which allows organizations to control what users can access them.

Node (device) settings are inherited from “templates”, which makes managing multiples of the same device simple. From the templates, devices can share the same configurations, such as:

  • Scripts
  • Hardware Settings
  • Firmware Settings
  • Alert Settings
and more.


Keeping the firmware and scripts on IoT devices up-to-date is an important part of IoT system's operations. Updates can fix security issues or provide new features that make better use of the hardware.

neqto: Cloud can store and push firmware and scripts remotely to neqto: Engine devices. Using this mechanism, scripts can also be updated remotely, enabling quick changes to business logic.

With neqto:’s unique “Bridge FOTA”, firmware stored in neqto: Cloud can also be forwarded to sub-devices that are connected to a neqto: Engine device, allowing customers to push firmware updates to sensors or non-IoT equipment.


neqto: Cloud offers diverse and affordable opt-in services that make operating and managing IoT services a breeze.

Watchdog Timer
Ensure device and connection health by monitoring communications at set intervals.
Data Storage
Directly send data to and save data in neqto: Cloud. Via neqto: Cloud's UI, Console, view light statistics and visualize data in real-time without any extra development.
Data Monitoring
Monitor incoming data in real-time and get alerts when thresholds are crossed, allowing businesses to react to real-world data in real-time.