Japan IT Week Spring Part 1 in the second week of April consisted of two of Japan’s leading exhibitions: IoT/M2M Expo and Embedded Systems Expo. Total of 40,000 designers and developers of automobiles, FA, home electronics and medical devices attended the show, as well as professionals in charge of system development and operation of social infrastructure, distribution and services. JIG-SAW participated to exhibit their new service neqto, a complete end-to-end IoT solution with support from sensors, gateway, communication, cloud storage/processing and a API that can be utilized to support any end user application/software as required and another exciting part the whole thing is that it does not need to be whole and customers can take advantage of the modularity to very easily integrate neqto to their already existing system making it versatile and very flexible.

The event provided the opportunity to look at competitors’ technology and services allowing a critical analysis of neqto and giving way to strategize the sales pitch and recognize the focus points of neqto that make it so unique and better than the other services in specific industries and sectors. A number of services exhibited focused more on end processing than neqto and although neqto bridge provides good sensor integration capabilities, it is not capable of heavy processing but the power of neqto comes in the ease of its implementation and makes it the best for industries with very minimal requirements. Also, while the other competitors focused on one area of IoT, neqto performed on all, that makes it a one stop service for everything IoT.

To objectively compare neqto with its competitors, these were the points that the team noticed which are conveniently categorised as advantages and disadvantages, that can hopefully help the sales team focus on the right sectors, find areas of improvement, polish the marketing strategy and help the planning of further development to make neqto better.


  1. Complete solution
  2. Small size
  3. Ease of implementation
  4. Flexibility and modularity
  5. Plug and play capabilities/ neqto.JS


  1. Low edge processing power
  2. GUI of console is not as good
  3. Less ports on I/O Board
  4. Lack of wireless sensors