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Quality control of precision equipment during transportation.

Used sensor
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Implementation and background

How to implement quality control when transporting expensive precision equipment vulnerable to changes in humidity, temperature, and vibrations.

Quality control in transportation was an important issue when transporting expensive precision equipment vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity and vibration.
Until now, measurements were made by detecting vibration during shipment, storing temperature and humidity data in a logger, taking out logs after shipping. There was no possibility to check for damage during transportation.Mbr We did not have a mechanism to remotely monitor and know the status and situation during shipment. We couldn't know whether there was a problem or if any faults occurred until we confirmed that the equipment arrived safely.

Solution provided by neqto

Service implemented and provided in anticipation of the needs of the customer.

We provided algorithms that make use of the characteristics of sensors, such as calculation of temperature and humidity sensor and acceleration correction, but not only the acceleration sensor and temperature and humidity sensor.
Based on the information and change value customers wish to implement, we prepared a mechanism for monitoring sensor data quickly.
When a predetermined threshold is exceeded, a supervisor and shipper can instantly be notified the abnormality as we provide a Live notification (e-mail or telephone) system and a web monitor to confirm current values.
In addition, by offering a mechanism of hardware that allows for easy operation and management by the customer, installation and removal became easy. It is a service that can be used with confidence.


Reason for choosing neqto

Speedy implementation without individual development required

Sensors and functions that we required were provided without a need for our own development.
In addition, although there was a special requirement for vibration, we received support from throughout the interview to implementation phase, and as a result we satisfied our requirements speedily without a need for self-development.

implementation results and future expansion

Since the settings can be flexibly changed remotely, it can be applied for various other purposes

Quality control during transportation was implemented by neqto, so when detecting a shock more than expected at the time of transport It was possible to notice immediately and it was possible to check the state of the equipment on the spot.
From the viewpoint of shortening initial operation time of product management and maintaining high quality for customer satisfaction, we are able to deliver products with reliable quality to customers, and we are very satisfied with it.
Although the tolerance range of temperature, humidity and impact differs depending on the equipment to be transported, it is possible to flexibly change notification rules and thresholds for abnormality, so we plan to increase the number of installations for other equipment.