Service Specifications

Introduction of neqto service and product specifications


neqto is a service that makes implementings IoT faster and easier.
It allows the monitoring of things and their acquisition of sensor data and implements data transmission directly to the cloud via the network.
We prepare all the development till that point allowing us to support immediate IoT implementations
for businesses without a need to burden the user with expensive developments.

neqto is the generic name of the whole service and includes the following three core services:

  • neqto Sensor Connector
  • neqto Bridge
  • neqto Cloud
about neqto

Service List

There are two types of service in neqto: neqto (LTE-M, Wifi type) and neqto EX (Wifi type).
You can choose according to the communication method and use scene.

Service neqto LTE-M neqto Wifi neqto Wifi EX
Use case Example Use Case:
Example Use Case:
Example Use Case:
Industrial scene
sensor connector
Available Available Available
Bridge LTE-M module Bridge Wifi module Bridge EX Wifi module
Available Available Available
Internet SIM Cellular communication Wifi provided by customer Wifi or LAN provided by customer
Possible Scene Facilities, Vehicles, Containers Equipment, Buildings Factories, Automotive use

Product Specifications

Bridge and 
Bridge EX

neqto offers two types of hardware: neqto Bridge (LTE-M, Wifi), made for easy business use
with a small form-factor and neqto Bridge EX (Wifi) available for factory equipment.
For the CPU, Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 is used to implement a power-saving architecture,
which demonstrates low power consumption effect.

  • Bridge

  • Bridge EX

The neqto Bridge is a controller for smaller implementations of IoT. It excels at easily being installed in places that are otherwise difficult due to size constraints.
In areas where it is difficult to secure a stable power supply, such as inside a refrigerator or an outdoor area where power can not be supplied, it can be operated by batteries. By making it unnecessary to secure power supply and construction each time, it can lower the initial setup costs of IoT.

There are two types of neqto Bridge you can choose from:

  • LTE-M type
  • Wifi type
neqto Bridge

neqto Bridge EX has the stronger hardware specifications because it is intended for industrial use. In addition to the usual sensor interface equipment, since it incorporates PhotoMOS, it is possible to detect input signals with a voltage different from the voltage used in the module.
It also supports serial communication such as CAN, RS232C, RS485, so it is possible to obtain data easily, even from equipment used at the factory.

You can choose the following types of neqto Bridge EX:

  • Wifi type

neqto Sensor Connector

neqto Sensor Connector, including a sensor module, was developed for flexibly and reasonable use as a connector.Based on sensors, we deliver it in a shape that anyone can use easily.
To use it, you simple plug it into the neqto Bridge or neqto Bridge EX hardware.

You can choose multiple sensor types for neqto Sensor Connector(with a case).

Commercially available sensors are also supported one by one, so please feel free to contact us.


In neqto Cloud, from the management console it is possible for customers to change the settings of their hardware by simply by writing and sending JavaScript from the cloud to the JavaScript engine (neqto.js) of the neqto Bridge. It can greatly reduce the development period.
Moreover, it also increases the daily operation efficiency of the entire IoT system .
The raw sensor data can be monitored with live (auto-refresh) or in sampling.
Since an API is also provided, you can analyze the data on your favorite system of choice.

The following functions are available.

  • Node and Sensor managementGraph Display
  • FOTA Firmware over the air to to your neqto Bridge.
  • Script management Edit neqto.js on browser Transfer into neqto Bridge
  • Alert notification Automatic notification when the threshold value is exceeded (mail, chat)
  • Data storage

IoT Implementation Support/
AWS connection/Operation・Support

For neqto we provide support for various types of customers with different needs so they can build and
utilize a reliable business platform for seamless service of well-governed IoT.