neqto Service Usage Flow

An introduction on how to get started using the neqto service.


Contact us via webform or telephone.

The first step to using neqto is to contact us. Please apply first from the web site or by telephone. We will contact you to provide service materials, application forms, or prepare estimates and invoices as needed.

Apply from the Web

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Apply by Phone

+81 3-6262-5160

How to get started with IoT

For customers who are considering using IoT solutions but are having difficulty with "where to start" or "what equipment is required" neqto staff are happy to support customers with introducing IoT and IoT services into their companies. Please feel free to contact us.


+81 3-6262-5160

Business hours:Weekdays 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Our dedicated support team will contact you
We will ask about your IoT implementation image and what data is needed.

Our dedicated support team will contact you, so please prepare tell us about your business and the intended use or reason for introducing IoT. We will propose an IoT business solution optimized for the customers environment.

About sensors necessary for IoT Solutions

We will offer advice on the best sensors for retrieveing data from your things. In addition, we will also consider ther details related to installation and provide knowledge on the installation process.


Deliver neqto controller kit

Once the required sensors are decided, we will deliver the various hardware included in the neqto service.

Controller Kits Contents

neqto Sensor Connector

Sensor Bridge


※For customers specifiying cellular only


Simple setup from here- let's start with IoT!

When you receive the controller kit please do device registration and hardware settings from the management web console (neqto Cloud).
Just set up the equipment included in the controller kit and you can start IoT easily.


Let's Fcustomize!
Even if you do not have programming knowledge, you can easily change algorithms

Software (JavaScript) can be updated from neqto Cloud. Since there is a wide variety of samples and templates in the developer reference, it is possible to customize sensor algorithms freely even with no programming by using them.

IoT has complicated environment settings.
Whenever you need any help, our dedicated support team be there to the very end.

Please feel free to contact us at any time in case of troubles such as environment settings and equipment installation.neqto staff will support you until the end.


Through API access you can. We provide API specifications to assist with that.

neqto Customers who need technical support can request from inquiry form. Normally we will perform support work during usual business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Questions by email are of course accepted 24 hours a day. In addition, depending on the support plan of each custome, we can offer 24 hour support.

in terms of standard sensors, we support acceleration sensor and temperature / humidity sensor. Additionally we provide support for various sensors which are on the market.
Please inquire or confirm with the corresponding sensor list about sensors you are considering to use with neqto.

You just need to install the equipment set you recieve.
If there are specific questions in advance about the installation, such as mounting surfaces and other purposes, more appropriate advice will be provided. Otherwise, just register it from the web console and just connect to the internet.

There is a basic monthly fee (fixed), a cloud usage fee (monthly amount as per usage), and a mobile communication cost (monthly amount as per usage).
When using own Wifi/wireless/LAN connection, mobile communication fee will not occur.