Many different uses.
Simplifying IoT.

The packaged service neqto includes everything you need for IoT. It can be used in small-scale applications to full-fledged IoT businesses, so you can use neqto for a variety of applications, such as the preventive maintenance of equipment, monitoring of meters, and location management of items and vehicles.

Four characteristics of  


1You can immediately start using IoT thanks to its easy installation.

When hearing the term “IoT,” many companies probably hesitate to deploy it because they need to invest large sums of money in equipment. neqto is packaged with everything you need, from sensors for acquiring data to communications and the cloud necessary for storing that data, so you can start your IoT business at a low cost and within a short period of time by just installing the sensors in the locations from where you would like to acquire data.


2Various types of sensors are supported.

Sensors play an important role in IoT systems. However, in short, there are thousands of types of sensors. There are information type sensors for humidify, temperature, pressure, acceleration, distance, and weight, and the sensors that are required vary according to the installation location, such as inside a factory or outdoors. neqto supports all types of sensors, so it is compatible with IoT businesses with a variety of purposes or uses.



3The sensor algorithms can be freely customized without programming.

neqto allows you to customize data collection algorithms with the conditions, rules, and thresholds for obtaining IoT data, thereby allowing you to create an IoT system optimized for the particularities of your business applications.
You can customize the algorithms by programming in JavaScript. However, since we provide an abundance of templates, you can use them to freely customize your sensor algorithms without programming.


4Its high level of security, reliability, and flexibility are why it is selected for enterprise systems.

neqto provides highly reliable specifications considered and devised according to the usage environments of a variety of IoT businesses. You can connect to the cloud using secure communication (TLS). Also, it has a hardware design that does not stop with verification, so you can use neqto in enterprise environments while maintaining peace of mind.



Comes with all functions needed for IoT

With the sensors to the cloud service needed for IoT in a single package, you will be able to deploy this product easily and quickly while maintaining peace of mind.


Various sensors can be selected

Modules (sensor bases) are provided to make it easier for you to use sensors. Also, you can connect any commercially available sensors that fit your needs.


Battery operated, so a power source is not required

You can reduce the time used for investigating installation even in locations where it is difficult to guarantee a power source.


Optimized communications with edge processing

Communications with the cloud can be optimized by using an API to perform edge processing of sensor data.


Collection of settings in the cloud

You can set various settings, such as JavaScript settings, monitoring settings, and data saving settings, from a dedicated neqto cloud, which will allow you to perform your work efficiently.


Simple visualization of collected data

You can easily set the sampling periods and real-time periods from scripts and visualize status management from a Web screen.


Flexible customization

You can develop all operations and settings using JavaScript, which means that you do not have to perform the compilation work that was traditionally required and that you can reduce the costs required for customization.


Specialist staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with issues

Our specialist team provides 24-hour-a-day support for the sensors and for when a system failure has occurred in the cloud, so we can maintain the services of our customers and give them peace of mind.